Minggu, 26 Juli 2009

Rossi of the Strategy

Valentino Rossi is known tricks and have a lot of experience in the top of the motor. But Rossi still people who can make a mistake, as her show in Donnington Park.

British MotoGP race on Sunday (26/7/2009), Rossi appears to be a race to the podium, and shun the weight of two rival, Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner. Lorenzo is out of the race, while Stoner select one tire so far behind in the background.

In such situations, Rossi seems so impetuous risk taking that is not necessary. Taking risks is sometimes culminate with positive results, but not this time because he fell away from the motorcycle and lost one position.

It may be time Rossi is not like this usually take a while on the risk of motor. That, he now seeks interesting lessons from these mistakes, which is called as the second error this season.

"Now I regret the error, the error is the strategy, I should be more cagey. This is the second time I make a mistake in the race this season, it is be pitied," he said.

Fortunately, Rossi can still return the motor is not damaged after the drop. Got down to the 10 large, he was still able to finis in position five.

First for Dovizioso, Last for Donnington Park

Andrea Dovizioso achieve victory in the first MotoGP event. That he was shot in the MotoGP chance that the UK will be performed the last time at Donnington Park.

Racing, Sunday (26/7/2009), itself not free from a number of incidents fell before the race that appear promising. Tony Elias at the start go directly to the front so that the first fall from the motorcycle and can not continue the race.

Only a moment later, Jorge Lorenzo is also the race to lead the drop. Valentino Rossi and then turn that down. Middle position and the race lead to two Dovizioso, Rossi falls despite he can still continue the race. However, Rossi is down to position 11 in the end can only be finis in position 5.

Rossi is the fall a blessing Dovizioso. After successfully leading the race after the incident, he continued to maintain a position of the first end finis.

For the birth of Italy 23 years ago, and this is the first time he set the first-class MotoGP podium. New season ago Dovizioso started his career in this class.

Dovizioso fastest at Donington Park Circuit

The original Italian Andrea Dovizioso in MotoGP series sweep circuit Donington Park, England, Saturday (26 / 7). Located on the second place of the United States Colin Edwards third and achieve Randy de Puniet of France home. Valentino Rossi The world must be satisfied in the fifth position under Alex de Angelis.

Rossi is in the star-crossed fifth position after the previous drop. Experienced a similar fate of other Spanish origin, Toni Elias and Jorge Lorenzo. Unlike the Rossi, Lorenzo and Tony can not continue the race. These results do not change the order of three positions. The Doctor - so named Rossi - remain at the top with 187 points. While still a second place 162 points and Lorenzo third still inhabited Casey Stoner with 150 points.

Future Unclear Yet Dani Pedrosa

News breathe in the vicinity of Dani Pedrosa. Long relationship with Honda is a potentially-ended and future are not clear.

Pedrosa, the Honda has been in since the first time to the world of Grand Prix motorcycle, the 125cc class in 2001, reputedly akan divorced by the manufacturer. That is half a season he still has not run contract extension for next year.

"Honda has not give me any of the bidding," the Spanish rider said on the sidelines of the MotoGP prepare the UK this weekend.

Autosport reported Saturday (25/7/2009), Honda say the aim Jorge Lorenzo Pedrosa to fill the place. They were trying to exploit discontent Lorenzo on the financial proposal which he received from his team this time, Yamaha, with larger payments.

Lorenzo Ready to Appear in the Middle of the Rain

Jorge Lorenzo admitted that in the past he will feel fear when the fight in the middle of rain splash. However, the past. Now he was ready to shine in the middle of the rain downpours.

Yahoo's weather forecast estimate today in Leicestershire area, the area where the circuits are Donigton Park rain.

Lorenzo responses about what the weather forecast this? "Maybe a few years ago I would feel afraid when the rain came," to accuse him Autosport.

"I think every rider will be a little afraid, because you can fall because of small mistakes," added the Spain of origin.

Lorenzo stressed, however, if the rain really came down, he prepared shining in the middle of the rain. "I have reached a lot of progress, and I can be ready for positive results," said the Fiat Yamaha team drivers that.

Lorenzo rate in the third position start the race day is a benefit. "Achieving this qualification is a surprise indeed. I'm able to record the time that both rear tires and I do not indicate a problem. So I was confident in the race," he added.

"Another thing, I hope can improve performance with soft tires," close the drivers who now occupy the second position while the position is 162 points.

Jumat, 24 Juli 2009

Increased Physical Stoner

Physical condition Casey Stoner has been far better than some time ago. After only finish in fourth position in the Series of Germany, he has high confidence that in Donington Park.

Stoner had complained about the condition of the stomach is the performance on the track. After undergoing examination in the United States, it is known that Australia is experiencing youth anemia and mild gastritis.

Jelang races in the UK this weekend, former world champion in 2007 was that body condition is much improved. Not only that, even Stoner himself is sure to achieve the best results on the race later.

Stoner confident indeed worthy of Donington Park as he was champion there in 2007 and 2008. But he also must be very cautious with Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo who show exceptional throughout this season, especially in the last three races best position that he can only order three.

Jorge Lorenzo Want to Win in England

Jorge Lorenzo must be satisfied to be a first runner up in the exciting series in the German MotoGP yesterday. He wanted contention with the results of similar but different in the UK GP.

In the race at Sachsenring circuit in the last week, Lorenzo susul involved in the subsequent scene with Valentino Rossi to a position on the five-lap final.

But unfortunately for Lorenzo, he must recognize the benefits of enduring champion who is also co-team in the Fiat Yamaha. Rossi win and he just sit on the podium two.

Aware that the audience enjoys shows such a stir, Lorenzo was determined to repeat the same scenes on the British MotoGP this week. The difference, this time he wanted to come out as winners.

Lorenzo is still berkutat with physical problems that have not disappointed a pause to recover physical condition. However, he will remain at least maximize the time available.

Valentino Rossi Still Need to Work Hard

Valentino Rossi has not been satisfied with the results that have been obtained. The Yamaha still feel this should be working hard before he can ensure a degree.

Competition in the top three was tight at Catalunya MotoGP ago. However, since Casey Stoner health problems with Rossi able to overcome peer team in Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha.

The Doctor is now leading the top 14 in points. But for Rossi it is not making himself happy because he has not been able to ensure the world title in hand.

Minggu, 19 Juli 2009

Rossi Winning Four Drivers Duel

MotoGP Germany exhibit fierce duel between the four drivers world champion candidate. Is emerging as a champion Valentino Rossi, who beat Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner.

Victory at the Sachsenring circuit, Sunday (19/7/2009) Rossi to make the great drivers in the top. With 176 points, he is still winning over colleagues setimnya, Jorge Lorenzo who got 20 points after the collection number own a 162.

Three Klasemen general position is still filled with Casey Stoner. Although terlempar must be satisfied to the position after four races had led, Ducati champion is now a value of 148.

Rossi take victory at the same time to record two new records. The first is the record start in the premier class, with the number of 159 races, The Doctor surpass the previous record holder Alex Barros.

The record is related to both the highest number of record, where he is now equal Giacomo Agostini with 159 winning entries.

Valentino Rossi Win MotoGp German 2009

Valentino reach third victory this season after becoming the fastest in the German MotoGP. With great difficulty, the world champion is the highest ranking neik after the defeat of his team colleague Jorge Lorenzo.

Fight in the Sachsenring circuit, Sunday (19/7/2009) wet after rain, Rossi must fight extra hard to be able to achieve victory. He had a fierce fight with Casey Stoner in the middle of the race prior to competing tightly with colleagues in the team race last lap and finally touch on the front line finis.

Finis at position two is that Lorenzo terpaut sepersekian only seconds from seniornya the Fiat Yamaha. While the previous series champion in the United States, Dani Pedrosa has the right to rank 3 after a finis in the last three positions.

Casey Stoner races worthy of reproach that he just put in the position four. 2007 world champion took the race lead with a convincing race in the middle, but then lost its position.

25 additional points to make Rossi the strong stand on the peak with a value of 176 was collected. And Lorenzo in the second position with the value obtained was 162.

Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

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Kamis, 16 Juli 2009

Valentino Rossi Win In GP Spain

Valentino Rossi wins Spanish Grand Prix held at the Jerez circuit, Spain. Achieve the second position of the host team from Honda Dani Pedrosa.

Shown in the forefront of the start position, that does not make drivers Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha is able to maintain dominance. At the first junction, Lorenzo thus successfully passed Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner and his team of colleagues Valentino Rossi at the start of the fourth position.

Meanwhile, drivers from the host team Honda, Dani Pedrosa, who had led the round of 17 during the hold dibuntuti Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner. The Doctor was eventually able to Casey Stoner on the passing round of the sixth. Then with the skill, Rossi successfully precede Pedrosa on lap-18 and to continue to lead the finish. Meanwhile, Pedrosa should be satisfied in second place.

Casey Stoner Want To Win In Germany

Former MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner are undergoing a period of recovery from anemia. However, the origin of Australia explained that it was not too problematic. Now, he concentrates against the pain caused due to a rib injury. In fact he should be ready in the next series of grand prix at the Sachsenring circuit, Germany.

The Ducati team have Marlborro injury time drop in the qualifying session at Laguna Seca circuit, the United States last week. At Laguna Seca, he finish fourth in the sequence. As a result, he left behind a number of 16 world champion Valentino Rossi who led the Klasemen sementera to reach 151 points.

Disease diagnosed after suffering blood shortages light, Stoner said, if he still does not feel himself in a full 100 percent. Moreover the problem extraordinary pain rib injury as a result of strain.

Racing in Germany will be the most powerful series this season. But most, Stoner promised to give the best to shorten the distance with Rossi.

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