Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

The Indianapolis MotoGp 2009

1. Jorge Lorenzo (Spain) Yamaha 47 mins 13.592 secs
2. Alex de Angelis (San Marino) Honda 47:23.027
3. Nicky Hayden (U.S.) Ducati 47:26.539
4. Andrea Dovizioso (Italy) Honda 47:27.070
5. Colin Edwards (U.S.) Yamaha 47:39.846
6. James Toseland (Britain) Yamaha 47:46.000
7. Loris Capirossi (Italy) Suzuki 47:47.992
8. Mika Kallio (Finland) Ducati 47:48.448
9. Toni Elias (Spain) Honda 47:58.597
10. Dani Pedrosa (Spain) Honda 47:58.969
11. Chris Vermeulen (Australia) Suzuki 47:59.070
12. Randy de Puniet (France) Honda 48:05.886
13. Aleix Espargaro (Spain) Ducati 48:17.144
14. Gabor Talmacsi (Hungary) Honda 48:28.678

Dani Pedrosa Fall, Rossi Out and Jorge Lorenzo Win Champion

Jorge Lorenzo won easily at the Indianapolis MotoGP race on Monday (31/8/2009) morning pm. He had no opponent again after falling Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi suffered a similar misfortune. At the beginning of the third race drivers will fight it as tight. In quick time they give the distance to the other party drivers.

Pedrosa strong in the start and managed to maintain its position as a holder in front of pole position. Lorenzo which occupies the second grid with a bad start and can be passed Rossi. There was a little confusion at the first corner, which resulted in two drivers out nyelonong track. Colin Edwards, Alex de Angelis, Marco Melandri, Nicky Hayden, Andrea Dovizioso and James Toseland to compete in the ranks of the middle.

Three after leading laps, Pedrosa see luck as about entering a chicane. Despite having enough distance with Rossi, but the Repsol Honda team drivers had lost his balance. He was released from the holder and are carried far enough. Still lucky bike was not damaged and the Spanish biker could continue the race, although quite hard pressed to lift the motor weighs 150 pounds more than that. Incidents Pedrosa led Rossi made in front of Lorenzo. At that distance the driver's Fiat Yamaha team had a lot to the drivers behind him.

On the eighth lap Rossi Lorenzo beat of the track straight into the corner. Dueling teammates are even starting to look hot, before the incident that immediately comes the battle cools. In pursuing a position on lap 10, Rossi fell off his bike and he was thrown down to the grass track. He is assisted by two officers to set up the bike and able to continue the race.

We entered the track again, he was the most bloated and had a duel with Pedrosa in the back. But, only a few laps later the Italian world champion decided to stop. He attended the team's garage because there seems to be a serious constraint on the YZR-M1 him.

Rossi out to make Lorenzo's to be expected would win, because he had no opponent more nearby. He just needs to be careful so as not to have bad luck like Pedrosa and Rossi. Especially in Brno two weeks ago Lorenzo made a fatal mistake during a duel with Rossi. She fell and immediately out. Apparently a similar situation turned around this time that Rossi became the unlucky and lose.

This is the third victory this season Lorenzo, after in Japan and France. The number of points was increased to 187, with 25 adrift of Rossi still leads. Pedrosa got six points after finishing in the sequence of 10. However this is the optimal outcome can be achieved that the Spaniard, given the incidents that happened in the early cloths.

Finished as runner-up in Indianapolis is De Angelis (Honda) and captured a third podium from Nicky Hayden Ducati. Toseland carve best record in the MotoGP class with a landing in sixth position.

Dani Pedrosa was Disappointed

Dani Pedrosa was disappointed because his chances to win prevented the accident at the beginning of the race. But Honda is still seeing a positive side that can be taken in Indianapolis.

Pedrosa perform quite well since qualifying practice session until the Indianapolis MotoGP. After doing start from pole, he was able to lead from the two drivers Yamaha, Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi.

However, it did not last long because after leading three laps, Pedrosa meet luck. The Spaniard lost his balance so that the fall and are carried far enough.

However Pedrosa admitted that he remains one of the crash. But he still saw a good side that can be taken from this race to face the next series at Misano next week.

Valentino Rossi Disappointed With the Mistakes

Valentino Rossi failed to finish the race after an accident in Indianapolis. Yamaha driver was admitted that the accident was his fault.

Rossi fell in Indianapolis when he was behind Jorge Lorenzo. Italian racer was toppled from his bike into the grass track at the tenth lap, Monday (31/8/2009).

But Rossi admitted that it was his fault after analyzing the data. Rossi slightly widened in the Turn1 and at the end when braking on dirt tracks, in fact Rossi was out of about 1.5 meters for Rossi to return to the racing line after making a mistake. I braked on a dirty surface, "the Italian was.

Rossi also revealed that he had difficulties to survive against his team mate, Jorge Lorenzo. Indianapolis motogp eventually won by Lorenzo who survived in the forefront.

"I do not get the optimal settings. When Lorenzo passed me, I immediately thought that it's hard to keep the distance with him because he was faster," says Rossi

Jorge Lorenzo Win the Indianapolis MotoGP 2009

Jorge Lorenzo sympathetic to Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa on the second accident. Behind it, Lorenzo also honestly admitted she was happy with the bad luck that the two rivals.

Lorenzo won the Indianapolis MotoGP was held Monday (31/8/2009) morning. The Spanish racer victory was a bit much also helped by the accident suffered by Rossi and Pedrosa.
With this result, the acquisition of cutting back Lorenzo points difference values with those of Rossi, the leader of the drivers standings.

"From here, we can see good and bad races. Sometimes, you do everything well. You are strong and fast, then you crash and it makes all the opportunities that have lost," said Lorenzo as quoted by Autosport.

Although the win and missed the cut points, but Lorenzo was also a little regret. The reason, he had three times the accident that caused him to lose points in the race this season, namely in Catalonia, England, and Czech.

"I'm sad because before, they had been before the accident. Without any incident, so I can get more progress," said the drivers who had signed a contract with Yamaha until 2010's.

Nicky Hayden Feels Like a Win

The third position in Indianapolis has a very good result for Nicky Hayden. Even for this Ducati rider, the result is like a victory.

This was Hayden's first podium after a difficult conquest wildness GP9 engine. The success of the more sweet because he managed to achieve in his own country.

"Being on the podium in front of supporters in my own country is extraordinary. Thank you so much for the team and everyone involved over there. It's tough but we're on our way, and Hayden also praised Honda's Andrea Dovizioso continued stuck in last lap "he said.

Minggu, 16 Agustus 2009

The Czech MotoGp 2009

  1. Valentino Rossi (Yamaha Factory) 43:08.991
  2. Daniel Pedrosa (Honda HRC) 43:20.757
  3. Antonio Elias (Honda Gresini) 43:29.747
  4. Andrea Dovizioso (Honda HRC) 43:30.409
  5. Loris Capirossi (Suzuki MotoGP) 43:30.529
  6. Nicky Hayden (Ducati MotoGP) 43:34.535
  7. Colin Edwards (Yamaha Tech3) 43:34.667
  8. Alex De Angelis (Honda Gresini) 43:43.100
  9. James Toseland (Yamaha Tech3) 43:44.608
  10. Randy De Puniet ( Honda LCR) 43:48.815
  11. Chris Vermeulen (Suzuki MotoGP) 43:49.767
  12. Niccolo Canepa (Ducati Pramac) 43:59.652
  13. Gabor Talmacsi (Honda Scot) 44:08.179

Rossi Win the Czech MotoGp 2009

Jorge Lorenzo surely will not forget the Czech Republic MotoGP title in 2009. Work hard passing Valentino Rossi ended with luck even as he fell in front after six in the last lap.

That is the game's most exciting is happening in the Brno circuit, Sunday (16/8/2009), when the second Fiat Yamaha team that dominated the race to tie-in 11 this season. Lorenzo is a result of the error should be out, while Rossi swing to the top podium.

Lorenzo gives great pressure on the partner of the opponent at a time since he beat Dani Pedrosa on the fourth lap to snatch second place behind Rossi, who began leading the race since the third round.

of Spain when it reached its peak in the 16 lap, or towards the end of the six lap race, he succeeded in passing Rossi. Akan next lap but one motor out and he lost balance. Lorenzo's tunggangannya drop and drag it to the far edge tracks.

Rossi also have no opponent to secure the victory in the fifth this season. Its position as a leader while also ranking remains robust. 'The Doctor' has reached 212 points, winning is far enough from Lorenzo with a fixed value of 162.

Pedrosa on this race as the runner-up finish, although he had led the race from the first bend after the start the two-lap. Third place was Toni Elias Honda Gresini team. He achieved the first podium this season after the lap-lap in the last fierce fight with Andrea Dovizioso (Repsol Honda), after falling Lorenzo.

Two Honda Drivers Ready to Extend Contract

Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso ready to extend the contract with Repsol Honda. This decline at the same time that the issue of turnover jump team of Japanese origin manufacturer.

Tell that in the previous duet Pedrosa and Dovizioso on the Honda will not soon end. News that birds began moving from the rumor Jorge Lorenzo is so far also has not signed a new contract with the Fiat Yamaha.

But rumor that at one stop, after Honda announced that two drivers will extend the contract. Be calculated that the announcement this be recognized early enough is because the manufacturer of original Japanese team would like to have two drivers can concentrate fully.

Currently, Pedrosa and Dovizioso initial agreement has been agreed with the Honda. Their plans will be signing a contract extension of two years.

The Honda Near the Yamaha

Honda losers in the competition involving the top Yamaha and Ducati. However, following a Czech MotoGP qualification results, Dani Pedrosa felt his team have a lot of potential to continue to move up.

Before finally reaching the victory in the United States GP ago, Honda had to wait very long to be in the top podium. Honda last time a winner is in the Catalunya MotoGP on 8 June 2008.

But Honda again later performance significantly. After Pedrosa gained 25 points in Laguna Seca, Donington in Paqrk gantian Andrea Dovizioso Honda RC212V bring the podium's top step.

Another indication is the result of Honda MotoGP qualifying Czech few hours ago. Although only three sitting in the position, Pedrosa simply the difference of half a second from Valentino Rossi.

Pedrosa claims even if he can make a better record, and may not open the Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi who is in the foremost position. he finally could not fix a record that already owned.

Because that is the reason Pedrosa have great confidence that his candidate can speak a lot in the race tomorrow. Performance Honda motor that can compete with the Yamaha.

Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Casey Stoner Absent in the three races

Bad news for Ducati. Casey Stoner is absent in the three races in the future to restore the physical condition. Position will be filled by Mika Kallio. Stoner was repeatedly diof physical condition since the Catalunya GP back in June. This is making the world champion in 2007 this reap the results less satisfactory.

Stoner was at this time has returned to Australia to undergo intensive treatment in order to restore health back. Instead, it will skip to the next three races, including the Czech GP at the weekend.

Stoner in Ducati's position will be replaced by a far Kallio strengthen Pramac Ducati - Kallio akan race in Brno, Indianapolis and Misano. While the position will be filled by Kallio Michel Fabrizio.

Stoner does not come, this can make them fall behind in the hunting world champion title this season. Drivers aged 24 years at this time glued to the three drivers with 150 points, 37 figures deviate from Valentino Rossi who is in top place.

Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Valentino Rossi buy a yucht

Italian MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi origin have a new and expensive toys. Toys male birth 16 February 1979 has a price of Euro 822 thousand, think it is a yacht.

Earnings of origin Urbino, Italy, is indeed possible. In one year he can mengantongi U.S. $ 35 million. Previously, The Doctor also have had a luxury yacht Pershing 50 is the name given Titilla. Titilla mean 46 +4. Name Titilla also come from ordinary places Rossi gathered with friends in Riccione, Italy.

Now, drivers Fiat Yamaha MotoGP team that switch with the cruise ships are more expensive and the new Pershing 56. Either because of thirst or the speed accident, a new boat purchased at Rossi and Rp 11.5 billion are able to produce 1300 horse power. Yacht has a length dimension 18 meters and has a six-bed size.

Yacht that is named Titilla II diparkir at the Port of Vallugola, Pesaro, Italy. As quoted gazzeta.it, every year Rossi has to pay rent to the port is equal to nine thousand Euro or Rp 126 million. In addition, there are also additional costs to pay for the rental car parking in the harbor of 500 Euro to come once.