Selasa, 13 September 2011

calligraphy quran

Historically the Koran was revealed to the apostle of Allah to convey His message in accordance with the language of his people. Wisdom revelation of the Koran in Arabic is nothing that humans can not compete with the greatness and beauty of the Koran. It has been tested in an era of progress and greatness jahiliyyah Arabic literature. Moreover, Allah revealed the Koran in Arabic so that people

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calligraphy asmaul husna 2011

calligraphy asmaul husna

Jumat, 09 September 2011

Islamic World Cayaha

Islam (Arabic: al-Islam, الإسلام "surrender to God") is a religion of believing in one God, Allah. With more than a quarter of a billion adherents worldwide, making Islam the second largest religion in the world after Christianity. Islam means "submission", or surrender yourself completely to God (Arabic: الله, Allāh). Followers of Islam are known as Muslims, which means "one who submits to the

Creed Window of the World

Creed is the principle and basis for the other pillars of Islam. Creed is the soul, the core and foundation of all precepts of Islam. Syahadatain creed is often referred to as consisting of two sentences (in Arabic means two sentences Syahadatain Creed). Creed's second sentence is:* The first sentence:ASYHADU an-laa ilaha illallaahMeaning: I testify that there is no god but Allah* The second

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